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Monday,Mar 20, 2023
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Our News
I am a God for the proud roar of King Zhou
Posted:Sep 29, 2022        Views:150        Back to List
 Zi Jiao said, "Father, since the golden light has been hidden in my son's body, there have been some strange things in my son's brain for no reason. As soon as Zhang Zixing's heart moved, he quickly asked, "What's the name of that Taoist?"? Is it Guang Chengzi or Red Sperm? Zi Jiao said in surprise, "My father really expects things to happen like a God. The Taoist called himself Guangchengzi, the head of the twelve golden immortals in the Yuxu Palace. He said that we have a predestined relationship with my interpretation. He specially passed down the formula of Yuqing Immortal, so that we can practice well. When the time comes in the future, we will have our own master and disciples." Guang Chengzi! Zhang Zixing surprised at the same time also secretly calculated: "Yunye usually also go a lot,Magnesium Oxide price, have not heard of any tiger hurt things.". With Zijiao's personality, they certainly did not dare to go to the mountains and forests, so the tiger appeared a little strange, maybe it was the masterpiece of the first immortal to strike the golden bell in Yuxu Palace. Guang Chengzi appeared at this time to teach Yu Qingxian Jue to Zijiao Zihong. Is it the meaning of yuanshi Tianzun? Or did he mean it? After all, in the original book, "Yin" Jiao and Guang Chengzi really have the fate of master and apprentice. Thinking of the powerful seal, Zhang Zixing's eyes can't help brightening. If he really wants to prepare for a rainy day, he can make a plan, but this is a matter of the future.. That Yuqing Immortal Jue should be the non-immortal Jue under the interpretation religion. No wonder it has such an effect. Even the True Martial Spirit Jue can't be compared with it. It seems that these "famous schools" do have their own unique features. Zhang Zixing looked at the two jade amulets carefully and found that they contained quite powerful immortal power. He returned the jade amulet to Zijiao and Zihong and told them to keep it well so that they could practice the jade immortal formula by themselves every day. After the two princes said goodbye, Zhang Zixing and Jiang Wenqiang chatted for a while. To his surprise,calcium nitrate sol, Jiang Wenqiang specifically mentioned several candidates when he talked about the imperial concubine. Besides yuanyuan, there was also the name of Shang Qingjun. It turned out that Huang Feihu's wife Jia and Fei Zhong's wife Zhou came to the palace to pay their respects today. In the chat, they said that Shang Rong's daughter was called Qing Jun. She was not only virtuous and courteous, but also intelligent and talented. The next day, after several degrees of spring breeze, Jiang could hardly get out of bed, Magnesium Sulphate price ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, which became the topic of teasing for Yang Fei and Huang Fei who came to visit. Last night, Zhang Zixing, who showed off her heroism on the empress, entered the palace in a refreshing manner and said, "If you have something to do, you can play quickly. If you have nothing to do, you can retire from the court." When he saw Fei Zhong coming out, he said, "My subordinate, Fei Zhong, I have something to say.". Your majesty is the honor of ten thousand vehicles. Since he ascended the throne, he has cultivated virtue and worked diligently. All the people are pleaseThe people were rich and the things were abundant. Pedestrians made way for the road, and dogs did not bark. It was rainy at night and sunny in the day, and rice grew two ears. This was the image of the prosperity. If you choose beautiful women in every town, you may waste money and manpower, which is contrary to the way of prosperity. The ministers were surprised to hear that Fei Lian, who was usually very close to Fei Zhong,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, would echo Shang Rong's advice. Even Shang Rong himself was surprised. Zhang Zixing was greatly surprised and couldn't figure out what Fei Lian was doing. However, he didn't want to adopt Fei Zhong's opinion. He said, "What the two ministers said is very good. It's not feasible to selec beautiful women like this." 。