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Poplar past

Monday,Mar 20, 2023
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Poplar past
Posted:Sep 29, 2022        Views:116        Back to List
 I stayed in the army for six years, but I couldn't improve my academic performance. I didn't pass the military Academy, and I didn't get a commission. Once I was demobilized, I came back and was assigned to a district police station as a police officer. I just worked for half a year. The last time Jiang Xiaolu beat someone, he was also helped by him. Hey, Xiaolu, do you know what we did the other day? I assisted the vice squad of the branch office to arrest a wanted criminal for burglary. I arrested him. He hid in the alley under my jurisdiction. The moon was dark and the wind was high. We lurked until midnight. When he relaxed his vigilance, I took two or three steps up to the wall, broke the window and entered. A hungry tiger attacked him and took him down directly! Li Chaocan said spitting and dancing, and Jiang Xiaolu's face was expressionless. After talking for a long time, Li Chaocan felt bored: "Sister, you should give me a reaction." Jiang Xiaolu patted Li Chaocan on the shoulder and said in all earnestness: "Chaocan,Magnesium Oxide MgO, as a little policeman who accompanies the old lady to pick vegetables for the old man to receive the electricity meter every day, it is good to cherish heroism. Please be sure to pay attention to your health and take care of yourself. Don't immerse yourself in those unreliable movies every day." "I really have to go." Li Chaocan swore, "It's boring. You are so boring.". Let's go Xiaolu put on his round sunglasses, got on the bus, and the red TT whooshed away. Li Chaocan gazed at Jiang Xiaolu's car buttocks, watched for a few seconds, sang the opera and went home valiantly. We are the army of workers and peasants. His own team came to the front. The world moves with the sound of spring thunder Have the morning sun in your chest Wait until the Hundred-Chicken Feast to Destroy the Stubborn Bandits Insist on going to the battlefield. "" Xiaolu's TT has been bought for two years. At that time, one was for the convenience of commuting, and the other was for a young girl's face. She didn't want to be inferior to others in the unit,Magnesium Oxide price, for fear of being too shabby. Just started to buy a car is quite fresh, for a long time, only to find that this car is actually a burden, a year to pay maintenance fees, road maintenance fees, parking fees, and fines, everywhere is meat. I went out in a hurry, and my makeup didn't come. Jiang Xiaolu took the steering wheel with one hand, fished out the lipstick in the bag with the other hand, unscrewed it with one hand, and began to paint it in front of the mirror. Driving half-heartedly, this road is already narrow, see from the corner of the street into a black car, Jiang Xiaolu did not see, staring at the mirror to concentrate on wiping off the excess color on the lip line with his fingers. The black sedan honked its horn. Jiang Xiaolu came to his senses and stepped on the accelerator nervously. The two cars met, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, and the distance between them was already very close. The owner of the opposite car was obviously surprised. He never thought that there was a 250 who could not brake on the opposite side.  I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! But the opposite side did not move at all. This makes Jiang Xiaolu a little nervous. After waiting for a few seconds, no one came down, but the window glass came down. The owner of the car put one hand lazily on the steering wheel, his eyebrows were tall and straight, and he seemed to have spent the night somewhere, with obvious tiredness in his eyes. "I forgot to make up when I got up late and didn't notice when I looked in the mirror." Jiang Xiaolu poked outside the car, scratched his hair awkwardly, and said tentatively, "That.." Brother Xiao Cheng, shall I pay for you? Although two people are not familiar, but how to say also separated by a street neighbors for so many years, there is no reason for her to lose money. Ning Xiaocheng is very magnanimous, also really did not put in the heart: "Leave it alone,Magnesium Sulphate producer, you go to work." Jiang Xiaolu was even more embarrassed. She was really in a hurry. She clasped her hands together and made a dogleg movement. She thanked her repeatedly: "Today's regular meeting, I will report my great kindness later." Xiao Cheng smiled at her, raised the window and left.