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Monday,Mar 20, 2023
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Current Position:Home » Our News » Evening Snow in Qianshan Mountain
Our News
Evening Snow in Qianshan Mountain
Posted:Sep 29, 2022        Views:171        Back to List
 It proves that he is a crafty old man. Angrily, I stuffed a piece of bread into my mouth and suddenly I saw it in the newspaper.  Damn, Susan isn't even as good-looking as his wife. The third thought was that the man's taste had never been right. I'm not as beautiful as his wife. The fourth thought is that this thing is too weird, even if the bubble Su Shanshan accidentally was. If the paparazzi catch him, his energy photos will certainly not be published, and he can publish the news in newspapers of all sizes. Be stillborn. The fifth thought is that Su Shanshan did not have the courage to take him to hype, the capitalist's advantage is not. What the average person can take. Before I could turn to the sixth thought,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, the capitalist had already said, "What are you looking at? Your face is almost buried in the newspaper." Go to the paper. I smiled at him calmly and freely, put down the newspaper and continued to eat my bread. Suddenly I heard him say: It's rare that you can recognize it like that. I almost didn't puff all the milk out of my mouth. Grandpa, it's not so scary. I didn't dare to say that I didn't recognize him, but I recognized his watch. It is probably the red and white that my face feels guilty is uncertain, he asks me simply: "How?"? You're not happy? It's not my turn to be unhappy! What am I? I am a mistress, I am a mistress, I spend his money, be raised by him. Me and a married man. Shaoqian's illegal cohabitation destroyed his legal marriage with his original wife, and I was reviled, despised and publicly indignant. Scoundrels of human flesh. I don't have the right to be unhappy. It's the original play, and I won't take it. I said, "Susan's acting is very good. I like to watch her play very much. Next time I have a chance to ask for my autograph." Mo Shaoqian snorted, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,304 stainless steel wire, I know he is not happy, men want women to fight for their own death. Live out all the eight treasures, scheming against each other and killing each other, just to get the pity of his occasional review. I If he doesn't cooperate, he won't be happy. The best thing is that he likes the new and hates the old and completely dislikes my ignorance and throws out a check to tell me to go away. This kind of dream does not have to do, Mo Shaoqian changes the topic very quickly: "What clothes did yesterday buy?" I knew he was going to ask, so I brought two back without looking, and I told him happily. He said: "Milan's new style of the season, but it's too hot to show you." The gold owner nodded with satisfaction. It was the gold owner who spent the money and the canary who wore the new clothes. My use is full. Give him the vanity of a big man and let him spend money and have fun. Sometimes I disobeyed him, but it was very disobedient. Have a sense of propriety, like a kitten scratching people's hands, is coquettish frivolous, and will not really scratch out blood, so as not to annoy. He is in great trouble. If it goes on like this, I can write a secret of being a second wife, and the name is "My Mistress Career". Yes, put it on the Internet and it will be a sensation. Even the name can get a lot of hits. He asked me, "Do you have any classes today?" "Yes." I'm not lying, and it's all a big class, the famous professor, if the roll call is not in me. I'm dead. Have dinner together that night. Looks like he's not leaving today. I'm going to change. It took me a long time to find a shirt with a collar. No Way, the neck is all black and blue, horrible, I murmured in my heart that Mo Shaoqian is a beast. With a denim skirt, I looked back and saw the beast leaning against the door of the wardrobe, looking at me with interest: "Still?" You really look like a student. I am a student, okay? Fortunately, there was no traffic jam and I was not late for school. Liu Yueying has already occupied the seat for me, and the two of us are as usual. Sit in the first row. Why grab the first row? Because we love learning.  He also thought about paying for me to go to a pheasant university in the United States. As a result, I got the first prize in the whole province. I'm a junior, and I seldom have big classes. It is rare to get together with other brother classes, and it is hot in the huge lecture theatre. It's very lively. The teacher talks about the liveliness above, and the following is like copying notes, passing notes, listening to MP3 and watching small. Say Some people learn,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, some people do not learn, anyway, lively.