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Poplar past

Monday,Mar 20, 2023
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 It was not until this time that Sylvanas could begin to breathe again. In a short song, he has been completely captured by the world, a sound of golden iron horse syllables, like a powerful hand, tightly tied to his heart. From this movement of destruction, Sylvanas did not hear sadness, but only coldness, indifference, killing and. In a world without life, the eternal loneliness. In a short song, it has spread tens of kilometers away and can be heard even in the resting place. I do not know how many people, in the middle of the cold night, were suddenly awakened from a dream by this song. Sylvanas found herself kneeling on the ground at an unknown time, relying on her hands to support her body, and the emotions she had been trying to block had been completely triggered by a piece of music, and her psychological defense had already collapsed. He found that now he could not tell how he felt about Sue, which was beyond the fear and obedience of the puppet to his master, but he could not tell exactly what it was. I just know that, at least at this moment, his heart is aching and desperate. In some blurred vision, he saw a new mark on the floor in front of him, and remembered that Medili had just torn a wooden stick from here and pinned her long hair. Around the new mark,Magnesium Sulphate producer, there was still a pool of water stains at the moment, and the remnants of dissolved small creatures could be discerned faintly. It melts into water, decomposes the carpet, and then seeps into the floor below. After a while, when the water dries up, all traces of its existence in the world will disappear. Then he knew that Medili would keep the stick forever, because it was soaked with traces of Sue, his former master. There was a sound of footsteps outside the door and Medili came in. She looked calm,Magnesium Oxide MgO, no different from usual, and even had a smile on her lips, a little lazy. But Sylvanas clearly knew that she was completely different. He could not perceive a ray of light and warmth from Medili, at least in the world of perception, she had completely disappeared in absolute darkness and coldness. Return to darkness forever. Somehow, such an idea suddenly came to Sylvanas's mind. Looking at Sylvanas on the ground, Medili said lightly, "All right, get up. You're almost crying, too.". You know what happened, right? Sylvanas stood up, wiped away her tears, gritted her teeth and said, "Yes!"! But it's not very clear. Medili nodded and said, "a little is enough.". So, are you afraid of death? Sylvanas was stunned. "What are you going to do?" "To fight in the war of the Bloody Council, Magnesium Oxide powder ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, to kill, to find his woman, and perhaps his child." To Medili, it all seemed easy. However, Sylvanas, who already knew something about the Bloody Council, certainly understood what it meant, but he did not answer, but stretched out his hands and gathered his silver hair, which was already a little too long. The hands, which were more feminine than women, burned with flames so faint that they were almost invisible. The silver hair, which had fallen like a waterfall, quickly curled and broke in the flames, and as the hair fell all over the sky, Sylvanas had left only one centimeter of uneven short hair on her head. And his lips and eyes were as red as the scars on Medili's face, and they were dazzling red. Seeing Sylvanas's action, Medili smiled and said, "You are very special. You are different from us. It is not a problem to live for hundreds of thousands of years.". So, have you really thought it through and won't regret it? I wouldn't mind if you left now. "No regrets." Sylvanas said lightly, as if she were talking about a trivial matter. In his manner, he suddenly became somewhat similar to Medili. Medili nodded and said, "Well, pack up and go.". You can rest assured, sister, I will take care of you and will not let you die too early. "Sister?" Sylvanas snorted incredulously. After his hair became shorter, he became bolder. Why, is there something wrong? Medili's expression was a little dangerous. I'm eighty-one years old! Sylvanas protested. Medili gave a hum and said, "I'm seventeen." Then the question of appellation was settled, and Medili was the elder sister. In the deep darkness, Medili and Sylvanas walked out of the house one after the other. When the cold wind blew on her face, Sylvanas suddenly asked, "Sister, I always feel that the master should still be alive, and maybe he will come back after a while." Medili sighed softly and said, "Even if I can come back, I'm sure …" No, it's probably not him. So "Then if." Is the master really not coming back? "In that case.." I will let the world die for us. …… Two snow-white beams of light suddenly pierced the night and shone on Medili and Sylvanas. This is a high-power military searchlight, which used to be used for air defense at night, and the powerful beam of light showed the two men. Hum! The tone is not small! I'd like to see if you have the ability! A rough and powerful voice sounded from the darkness. Accompanied by this sentence, a big man like an iron tower came out of the shadow under the light. His step was steady and powerful, and each step caused the ground to tremble slightly. The heavy alloy armor on his body, which is cast like steel, makes him more deterrent. The sword and shield on the breastplate show that this is also a great knight, and the strength is not bad. Medili's elegy not only alarmed the nearby residents, but also woke up all the garrisons in the nearby fortress. When she and Sylvanas came out of the building door, a large knight stationed in the fortress had rushed to the scene with a convoy and set up a position. The last conversation between Medili and the teenager was in the presence of the great knight and his subordinates. The Grand Knight was very angry, but he gathered all his strength and was on full alert. Although there were only two beautiful girls on the opposite side, he had a kind of inexplicable uneasiness. In the lamplight,Magnesium Oxide powder, he clearly saw the dazzling scars on Medili's face, and the drops of blood that were about to fall, which made his heart contract gently.
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