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Monday,Mar 20, 2023
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 It was not until this time that Sylvanas could begin to breathe again. In a short song, he has been completely captured by the world, a sound of golden iron horse syllables, like a powerful hand, tightly tied to his heart. From this movement of destruction, Sylvanas did not hear sadness, but only coldness, indifference, killing and. In a world without life, the eternal loneliness. In a short song, it has spread tens of kilometers away and can be heard even in the resting place. I do not know how many people, in the middle of the cold night, were suddenly awakened from a dream by this song. Sylvanas found herself kneeling on the ground at an unknown time, relying on her hands to support her body, and the emotions she had been trying to block had been completely triggered by a piece of music, and her psychological defense had already collapsed. He found that now he could not tell how he felt about Sue, which was beyond the fear and obedience of the puppet to his... [More Information]
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