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Monday,Mar 20, 2023
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The last occupant
Posted:Sep 29, 2022        Views:143        Back to List
 "I heard from Bayer that there will be a pilot contest in three days." She noticed that he put his white gloves in his pocket and put his arm around her shoulder. yuan yuan didn't pay much attention because she was so close that she had to look at him sideways. Hurd looked straight ahead and answered with a hum. yuan yuan felt that he was perfunctory and said tentatively, "Don't you want me to go?" "No." He is concise and concise. Why yuan yuan asked subconsciously. I don't want you to be seen. yuan yuan'oh ', her cheeks burning away, after a while, she raised her head and asked unwillingly, "I really can't go?" She felt his hand on her shoulder and pulled his finger. "No?" "Let me go." Release his fingers. Don't let me go? Hold his finger again. Let me go. Release his fingers. Silence for a few seconds, yuan yuan pretended to be surprised, "you acquiesced." After playing alone for a while, she asked with some discouragement, "Can you let me go?" His eyes already had a smile, but did not show it, Hurd did not directly answer her question, but commented on her behavior just now, "childish coquetry." yuan yuan heard him say that he thought it was over, and he was a little disappointed. Can you be obedient? He took her hand. Her eyes lit up. "Yes." "Remember your answer, tonight," he said with a serious look and a serious look in front of him. "See how you behave." Hearing this,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, yuan yuan could not help but feel that the previous weakness of her body had not yet subsided, thinking that tonight was even worse, she inexplicably regretted a little. Why do you always have the impulse to kneel down with a soft leg and beg to let it go. Hope She can climb out of bed tomorrow.. Yes She's not demanding. Can climb down.. That's all.. …… Three days later, yuan yuan got her wish to become a member of the pilot competition, and she also learned about the event before she came. The pilot competition is an annual event of the Heavey people. The participants are selected from the middle ranks of the pilot army of the Heavey Empire and its planets and colonies. Therefore, the pilots participating in this event are the best in the Empire. However,mirror stainless steel sheet, the pilot competition is actually more like an art, because besides competing in speed, difficulty and skill, the pilot competition also pays special attention to artistry, especially in the last fancy flight. As usual, in order to show their strong military strength, the Heavey people will let pilots fly the latest fighter planes to complete the fancy flight in the last fancy flight. Because this event is very famous in the Alliance of High Civilizations, the home planet of Heavey will be much more lively than usual during the pilot competition, and tens of thousands of other races will come to watch and promote the economy of Heavey. In addition, the Heavey people have established a statutory holiday for the event, that is, all legal citizens on the Heavey home planet have the right to take a half-day vacation every day during the event, stainless steel welded pipe ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, even so, most Heavey people will not give up the benefits of these days-after all, as usual, the pilot race is only held for two days. But the economic benefits generated in just two days are incalculable. On the night before the contest, yuan yuan asked Hurd with great interest, "Do you also give me two days off?" It seemed to her that there would be so many diplomats from various countries, high-ranking officials from the alliance, and upper-class nobles from the Heavey coming on the day of the pilot competition. It was reasonable to say that Hurd should not be in the mood to take care of her. Then he explained, "Because only the families of senior officers are eligible to watch the pilot competition in the audience, except for the nobles and visiting guests." "So I wronged Her Royal Highness." yuan yuan suddenly a little do not understand, he means that she condescended? It turns out that the concept of hierarchy is so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Your subordinates will be responsible for bringing Her Royal Highness into the audience,304 Stainless Steel Wire, and Luna will always be by your side to protect your safety. yuan yuan thought for a moment and asked, "Luna, does she know my identity?" 。