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Monday,Mar 20, 2023
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Our News
Warm Wind Is Not as Deep as Your Love
Posted:Sep 29, 2022        Views:154        Back to List
 It seems that the boss has been very dissatisfied with the failure to catch the boy back. A few men with a guilty conscience glanced at the expression of their eldest brother, took a look and quickly turned away from the line of sight, because in the cold eyes of Nanheng, the color was as cold as the endless sea of glaciers, dangerous and low. Very not easy on the shore, the clothes on the body has been wet, can only be near the river pile of firewood to roast for a while, these jungle survival methods are so simple that a few minutes can let her smoothly find some food and use, there is no consciousness of being alone in darkness and danger, not to mention the slightest fear. But I'm afraid I can't sleep tonight. After all, the people who had taken her in had been arrested, and she had lived in an orphanage for a year. Now the outside world was still strange to her,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, and she still did not know how to live like a normal person. The same person who can't sleep is Li Nanheng. The man sat in the tall black Hummer, the window down, the stars outside were brighter in the jungle than in the city, and several men outside the car were still looking for the trace of the "teenager", even waiting overnight at the jungle exit she should have chosen, but did not wait for her people to come out. XI base people always have precious time, this time to the orphanage designated by the Li family is just business, and at the moment, spend a lot of time waiting for a teenage "teenager" here, how precious the time wasted during this period, only Li Nanheng himself knows. His men went to the car and saw that the boss was going to continue waiting and had no intention of leaving. Li Shao did not open his mouth, calcium ammonium nitrate price ,caustic calcined magnesite, and no one dared to stop looking for it. Until dawn the next day, when it was past eight o'clock, there was not even a footprint on all the roads separating jackals, wolves, tigers and leopards in the jungle. With one hand behind his back, Nan Heng walked through the jungle with an expressionless face, glancing coldly at the higher bushes on the other side that made it impossible to predict what was in the distance, and turned and walked directly past. A few hundred meters behind the bushes was a silent river, not very wide, but apparently very deep. What caught Nan Heng's attention in an instant was a blackened mark left in the grass on the other side of the river. It was obvious that someone had warmed himself here last night, but now he had escaped again. Nan Heng took down the unlit smoke in his mouth and looked coldly at the blackened piece of the river opposite the case.  The police had some pity for him, so they sent him to the orphanage." But he never communicates with people, and his style of doing things makes people have to guard against him, because he is afraid that he will accidentally bump into you, so he did not dare to show up with other children at the same time. Hearing this, Nan Heng's eyes cooled down. His men added, "Boss, it's rare that the Mafia that this boy was attached to has nothing to do with us. I didn't participate in the police's killing, so I can't investigate his situation directly. I don't think he has any feelings with the Mafia, but his skill is really good. The key is that no matter what he does, he is very fast." It's really unexpected. It's more than fast. It can be said to be fast, ruthless and accurate. A young girl has a keen nature and decisive decision-making power like a jackal. Nan Heng sat quietly in the car, the smoke between his fingers still did not ignite, but it seemed that there was a bit of hostility between his fingers. It's rare for anyone to escape under his nose. Then he got out of the car and looked down in the direction of the jungle in the distance, as if he had trampled the big half of Los Angeles under his feet. Pay attention to what's been going on in Los Angeles in the last few days. She broke out of the orphanage alone. It's not so easy to survive. Nan Heng turned his head, with a cold light in his eyes. The person under is stupefied: "Want to say hello with the police of each area?" Nan Heng lit a cigarette, and some sparks between his fingers were clearly extinguished. He squinted coldly and his voice was very light: "No,dap diammonium phosphate, people who have no way out will choose to fall into the trap." When the black Hummer left the orphanage and passed through the jungle, Nan Heng drove the car to the river. The blackened traces on the ground were still there. He didn't come directly to the other side just now. He only looked at it from a distance. Looking closer now, I saw a symbol made of a pile of small stones beside the blackened grass.