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Monday,Mar 20, 2023
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Posted:Sep 29, 2022        Views:366        Back to List
 Ji Baoyin this will be the person who needs to share a bitter hatred of the enemy with her, she does not want to go back to her mother's home, is also the reason. She was afraid that if she said this, her mother would probably ask her to be patient for a while. Her eyes were filled with tears. She said bitterly, "How many men don't have flower intestines? Believe what they say. It's better to believe that sows can climb trees." Then she nodded Ji Qingchen's nose and said, "You should also watch Pei Shizi. He looks like that and has such a noble status. Even if he has a cold face all day, I don't know how many women are willing to go up." "No," Ji Qingchen immediately spoke for Pei Shize. "Brother Persimmon is not that kind of person." "Then your brother-in-law was very honest before he got married," said Ji Baoyin,brushed stainless steel sheet, with tears in his eyes, looking really sad. Ji Qingchen was able to see that she was pregnant, and was so stimulated by her mother-in-law that she became cranky. After lunch, Ji Qingchen asked someone to make a bed for Ji Baoyin and left her in the yard to rest for a while. When Ji Baoyin fell asleep, she sent someone to inform Fang Mengheng. Ji Baoyin's words just now were all unwilling to go home, but Ji Qingchen felt that things between husband and wife always had to be made clear, and if he did not say so in his heart, it would hurt the relationship between husband and wife. When the sun was setting,304 Stainless Steel Bar, Ji Baoyin woke up. She looked at the sun outside, and her heart was cramped. Although she said she didn't want to go home, it was nothing for her to live in her cousin's house. Forget it, I'd better go home for a few days first, so that I won't be upset to see those two little hooves when I get home, "Ji Baoyin said listlessly.". Ji Chengchen immediately smiled, "Five elder sisters, if you go, what if the two servant girls take the opportunity to seduce five brothers-in-law?" "Seduction is seduction. If he is easily seduced, I will stay at home all day. What's the point?". It's better to make room for others than to be out of sight, "she said, really unhappy.". Ji Qingchen immediately kept a straight face and said, "Sister Wu, what are you talking about?". Now it's just Mrs. Fang's own decision, and the fifth brother-in-law doesn't know yet. "You've beaten everyone to death with one stroke like this. If people know, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, what should they think from the bottom of their hearts?" She really said this for the good of Ji Baoyin. Ji Baoyin also understood from the bottom of her heart, so tears fell down and she said, "yuan yuan, I am really afraid in my heart.". I took the man back, and I just wanted to say that I would talk to him about it when he came back in the evening. But I dare not wait, I am afraid he really took the two maids. As soon as Ji Qingchen spoke, Apricot came in, saying that Uncle Fang had come to pick up Aunt Wu. As soon as she spoke, Ji Qingchen saw the unstoppable joy on Ji Baoyin's face. Oh, duplicity. Fang Mengheng came to worry, and as soon as he entered the door, he was relieved to see his wife. But Ji Qingchen stood up and said, "The prince should be home by now. I'm going to greet him." When she went out with the servant girls,304 Stainless Steel Coil, Fang Mengheng looked at Ji Baoyin carefully and then whispered, "Yin Yin, I didn't know about the two servant girls until later." 。